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Jessica Elgot is joined by Rafael Behr to talk about a week of confusion over lockdown rules and free school meals. Lisa O’Carroll updates us on how Brexit has affected UK trade with the EU so far. Plus, Stephen Bush and Rachel Shabi discuss the potential for 2021 to be ‘the year of Keir’

Two weeks into England’s third lockdown and we’re all still a bit fuzzy about the rules. Police chiefs are once again asking for clarity on the latest Covid guidelines. If they aren’t sure of them, how on earth can the public be?

Members of the government will also, once again, have school meals on their minds after the Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford highlighted the inadequate free school meals being sent to parents under the £30 government voucher scheme. How will the government fix this latest mess?

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1. Podcasts from Michael_Novakhov (17 sites)