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The world of the 19th and 20th centuries can be considered as the time that Earth was pillaged at its worst.

During those centuries, it was not a sacral world. It was a world losing its quality of enchantment because of mechanistic science and spiritless spiritualities.

The captains of the extractive industries rampaged around and inside Earth — taking by force anything that could run their industries and put money in their pockets. Tribes, communities, countries, habitats, forests, lands, lakes fell by the ways of the masters of disasters.

The powers that be and their partners in research laboratories pushed to transpose the workings of nature into precise mathematical language as if they were dealing with a complicated machine. This Cartesian-Newtonian method, domineering and disenchanting brought forth industrial development, wealth and high standards of living.

But it also resulted to grave ecological consequences. The consequences we all now feel is increasingly hard to sustain. Worse, it is creating a graveyard for the future generations.

As our economic and environmental limitations become more obvious every day, we are obliged to shift to a new framework of thought. We must revise our assumptions about nature and the role of humankind.

We must see ourselves as part of a larger, integrated totality. A part dependent on a whole, just as a whole depends on the perfect functioning of every integral part.

So where do we fit in this whole system?

We fit in it as part of an interdependent component, which someone has planned since the beginning through a deliberate design. A design made by some infinite creative capacity and inexhaustible imagination.

There is no scientific method that can prove God’s existence. And there is also no method that can deny God’s existence and His presence in this design.

Because there is nothing to prove.

Even one of the great early scientific minds who denied the presence of a Maker accepted before his death — astronomer and philosopher Sir James Jeans — the universe is not a machine. It is the result of a great THOUGHT by someone. And as part of that great thought, we were created with non humans in an environment where we are partly matter. And partly spirit.

As part matter, we are able to reach out to other humans. Either with love. Most often, hate.

As part matter, we reached out to other creation as humans. Mostly using, exploiting and destroying.

As part spirit, we are able to reach out to our Designer and Maker who is pure in spirit. Pure in being.

Today, as part spirit, we must now start reaching out to other creation with sacred respect and reverence.

Something we have not done so for the past 2,000 years or so when we were told to be “good stewards”.

That is, if we want to preserve our very own home. Because there is no other Earth. And time is running out.

For the Designer will not take it lightly to see His other creations destroyed by those He has entrusted these to be protected.

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