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Freddy McConnell is a Guardian journalist and trans man who in 2016 decided to begin the process of conceiving and delivering his own child. The film he made about the experience is in cinemas now. And: Andrew Rawnsley on the anniversary of the second world war

Guardian journalist Freddy McConnell, 32, started taking testosterone at 25 and had “top surgery” to remove breast tissue a year later. He considered a hysterectomy, but never went through with it – partly because he had not ruled out having children. In 2016, he began the process of conceiving and delivering his own child and decided to document the process. The result is Seahorse, which is out in cinemas this week.

Anushka Asthana talks to Freddy about his experience of pregnancy and birth and asks him why he decided to allow cameras to document this part of his life.

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